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"My "not" adorable cousin, Amane" 

Based on the popular game of rock, paper and scissors (Yan ken po).

Due to a mysterious entity you will have the opportunity to challenge your cousin  Amane to play rock, paper or scissors. As you accumulate scores, you can unlock events and improve your relationship with her.

►►► Technical details ◄◄◄

Type: Mini game / Visual novel / Dating simulator
Version: 0.1 (in development)
Platform: Android
Duration: Half an hour
Languages: Spanish, English

►►► Who I am?  - ¿Quien soy? ◄◄◄

Hi everyone, I'm Stw, visual novel programmer. I have made several projects with ENS apart from doing a couple of fan-game visual novels in my beginnings.

In this occasion, I want to create new visual novels on my own, with elements of my liking (and that of many of you as well), based mainly on simple stories of romance / echii.

To test my skills, this project will be short-live (approximately 6 months) and if everything goes well I will consider develop new projects with better mechanics and if it is possible to make a dating simulator among others.


YKPChallenge 0.1.apk 50 MB

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